Pet care is a piece of cake? It is now. We opened Petsly for every animal lover. For cat lovers, dog lovers, horseman and those who prefer other pets. Do you have a pet? Welcome to Petsly! With us, you will take care of him even more tenderly: you will find specialists, make an appointment and take care of your pet’s needs.

When we started working on Petsly in early 2020, we knew one thing: this is going to be a place for people like us. People for whom being a good caregiver is simply important. Our dogs taught us what it means to enjoy having a dog herd, but also what responsibility it entails. That is why walking or cuddling on the couch are as important to us as regular visits to the vet, taking care of the good condition of our pets or a balanced diet.

Petsly was also created because there have always been a lot of people around us who do everything every day so that animals and their caretakers could be happier. We wanted to help them master the work that presents them with many challenges every day. Among them there are veterinarians and physiotherapists, but also gromers, trainers, trainers or behaviorists – in a word, anyone who may be needed by an informed caregiver. Like you.

Step One: Zoobusiness Management

Our first goal was to create a tool that would help you run zoobusiness in a simple and easy way. There were no solutions dedicated to this industry on the market, which caused problems and inconvenience. This is where we come in. We did research, tested, improved – we wanted a refined tool that intuitively responds to many different needs. Our testers and inspirers were invaluable help: Paula Gumińska, Ania Pająk Radomska and many other wonderful personalities who cheered us up and provided valuable advice.

Thanks to our work, a space for zoobusiness was created: it facilitates the management of meetings, clients and their charges, and allows you to easily collect, among others, medical records and organize finances. But Petsly’s potential was much greater. 

Pet owners – welcome to Petsly.

Today we officially announce the launch of the new platform, which has become the place we dreamed of. At Petsly, you can easily find the necessary specialists, quickly make an appointment, and easily control each stage of care, have access to the history of visits and bills. In addition, thanks to Petsly, vets, trainers or physiotherapists can send you both test results and a training plan, as well as share video materials with you. It is a place where beast lovers can easily find everything they need to make caring for a pet easier than ever.

What’s next?

At the moment, we are working intensively on mobile applications to make Petsly even easier and more convenient, and we are still thinking about what functionalities may be needed to fully meet the needs of each of our recipients. We still have a long way to go, and there are many ideas in our heads and those that you have submitted – wait for more news. And we can promise you that it will not be boring. Welcome to Petsly!

Marta Buzalska

Marta Buzalska

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